Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Front Room--- Just in case you wondered

A few of you have asked what things are looking like...  and although mom and dad may disagree... I don't feel like there are LOTS of differences- except the Front Room.  I have always wanted a library, so that is what we have made it into.  Unfortunately, the shelves are already full  *sigh*

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reunion Meal Assignments

Hey all,

As we draw nearer to the family reunion, we have made meal assignments for the weekend as outlined below. As a few reminders:
  • Cooking facilities include two (2) full kitchens, a BBQ, and a fire pit
  • We are planning for the weekend of June 12-14
  • Here is a link that gives details about the home. We are really excited about the location and hope that you will take the time to explore the features it offers.
  • Dinner: Juliana & Brian
  • Snacks/Dessert: Mom & Dad
  • Breakfast: Steph & Adam
  • Lunch: Mike & Liz
  • Dinner: Jeff & Cailey
  • Snacks/Dessert: Mom & Dad
  • Breakfast: Jen & Blair

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Funny......but not so Funny.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My family is the best!

I just realized that Josh's face has been added to the family picture!!  It's probably been on there for forever but I wanted to thank whoever did it.  It made Josh feel included and loved and I appreciate that.  I just hope you all know how much I love you.  I'm not the greatest at staying in touch all of the time but I sure love you!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Announcing the Bean Family Reunion

Announcing the Bean Family Reunion

Family reunions are only as successful as the desire we have to spend time with one another. I am so grateful that I live in a family with such great people that I get excited to see t each reunion. How blessed are we that we live in such a family! In today's world, it is so rare to have siblings who care to keep in contact with one another so regularly after childhood. My patriarchal blessing tells me that if I do certain things, my children will always have a desire to take part in my family. As I think about our family, and the desire I have to take part in it, I can't think of many greater promises than one that my children will feel the same kinship to their family as I do to mine.

I'm grateful that I have amazing siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and especially parents whom I am excited to see. I appreciate the sacrifices so many of you have made to try to keep the family close. I appreciate all the work Jen goes to create family trips. I appreciate the texts Stephani sends to the family. I appreciate the blog Greg created where we can all communicate. I appreciate Jeff and the extra time he spends with us since we live so close. I appreciate Mom and Dad who are willing to travel around to visit any and all of us. I appreciate that Mike organizes games of Magic for us little boys each week. I appreciate the fact that Alisha is committed to traveling so far so that we can spend some time with her and her family.

Overall, I'm grateful that each one of us has such a desire to be with the family that they are willing to sacrifice time and effort to make the family reunion a success. We are excited to see you all again and hope this reunion will help strengthen the family ties we all hold dear. 

Date: June 12-14, 2015
Where: The Inn at Owl Hollow*
Cost: $200 per family**

* Located a few miles east of Lava Hot Springs. Each family will have their own room and there will be a bed for each individual.
** We know this price distribution may not seem the most equitable, but after consulting with each of you, this price will enable each family to be able to attend.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's okay if you don't blog

Blogging is hard.  It takes time and effort and energy, which I for one am lacking right now.  Plus, I feel like we all do a pretty darn good job of keeping in connection other ways.  Most of us are on Facebook and I know that we all post and comment and message to each other.  A few of us are on Instagram and that has been a good place to connect.  I may be the lone tweeter, but I also think several of us do Pinterest.  Additionally, I feel like we have a robust text string wherein we all communicate thoughts and feelings, either as a group or to each other individually (ahem ... Mom, Dad, get smart phones ...).

I guess the bottom line is, I don't think anyone should feel guilty for not posting on here.  I think there are quicker, more efficient ways of communicating and this may become more of a "message board."  I look forward to continued connecting with all of you through the various mediums we already do!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Family Reunion 2015

Hi family,

I sent out a text to all of you regarding the family reunion. I have outlined the basic premise of what we would do and when we would do it if I were king of the world and could make everyone's schedules and circumstances work out. Recognizing that that is not the case, I will do my best to explain the awesomeness of our proposal and hope that all of you will agree and move heaven and earth to make it happen :)

We are looking at renting a vacation home from Friday, June 12th through Sunday June 14th a few miles outside of Lava Hot Springs. Here is a link describing the home. In short, it offers:

  • 6,600 square feet of living space
  • 2.5 acres of lawn at the mouth of a canyon
  • basketball court
  • volleyball court 
  • pool table
  • 7 bedrooms 
  • 6.5 baths
  • two kitchens  

The costs would require a maximum of around $50 per person to cover both Friday and Saturday nights, assuming 80% of the family will attend (if everyone comes, costs will decrease). We might modify the fee a little to share the costs more evenly (a base rate for each family and then an additional fee for each person). Depending upon how this idea is received, we will give you more details in the future.

Schedule: This is very tentative and subject to change, but for those who could make it Thursday, we could spend the day in Idaho Falls. Friday would be used to go to the Lava Hot Springs (its just a few miles away from the  rental home), Saturday would be used for our normal family reunion activities with built in free time for all the amenities offered at the home (see above), and for those who could make it, we would go to church together in Lava the next morning.

What I need to know from you:

  • Do these dates work? (we need to know ASAP because this house is hot and this is the only weekend left available)
  • Are the costs feasible? If not, could a modified distribution make them feasible? 

If I don't hear from you here or otherwise, I'll be contacting you in the next few days.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year in Review: Music

What a great year in music! My most played tracks come from New Hollow, Young the Giant, Hellogoodbye, Michael Jackson, and Walk the Moon. Here's a playlist with my top 20. I would love to hear about your favorite songs of the year!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

No Room in the Inn

We have all been taught that when Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem that there was not room in the Inn therefore the had to go to the stable.  The exact wording is "there was no room for them in the inn."  I have heard, but cannot find, one take on this that it meant there was no room in the in for "them" meaning Mary, Joseph and the unborn child meaning that there may have, however, been room for others.  Have any of you heard this before.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas Family

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Song - Chillin' with Indian

I found another song I liked. It's only a tad different than the last one. Chill Indian music. Great for relaxing. Thoughts?

Tera Bina by A. R. Rahman on Grooveshark

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Song Everyone Can Enjoy

So it is rare that I hear a song that I think literally everyone can enjoy. Fun, clean, and makes you want to dance. I really think even mom and dad would like this! So everyone take a listen (kids included) and let me know what you think!

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon on Grooveshark

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Bible: How should we study it?

Query.  We believe the Bible is the word of God ... as far as it is translated correctly.  I enjoy reading the Bible very much and feel inspired when I read the stories.  Lately, I have been trying to study more deeply, picking apart sentences and phrases, looking up definitions, etc.  When I try to do that, however, I wonder, with possible mistranslations, how much can I focus on how a word fits into a phrase or what a word may have originally meant?  If that word is mistranslated, is it all for naught?

I would appreciate anyone's stories, tips, or testimonies on how I can deeply study the Bible without fear.  Thanks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am a fantastic blogger

I am a fantastic blogger.  I can get on, and post, and I am so tech savvy it's scary. Cockroaches.